Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Zai sheng yuan

"Zhai Sheng Yuan" is a Mandarin phrase that means to be reborn close to someone in the next life because of a fierce, inter-soul connection between the two of you that was formed in the life before. The word "Yuan" literally means a spiritual bond between two individuals, and "Zai Sheng" means to be born again. Although other civilizations don't have terms for it, there has long been speculation that twins were the product of extreme closeness in their previous lives, and likewise is there the global idea of having "soul mates." The word in itself has a romantic quality but can refer to spiritual and emotional intimacy between family members and friends as well. In essence, "Zai Sheng Yuan" carries a connotation similar to the gaelic term "Anmchara," which means "soul-friend." The Mandarin phrase has enjoyed a muted popularity in Chinese culture.

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